Custom illustrations that leap language barriers.

Global scale is more than technology. It’s about reaching people anywhere in the world, no matter what language they speak. Our design needed to support four languages with the potential to grow to more. We created a custom graphic library and unified design language that can be used by EventMobi teams in Canada, Spain, Latin America and Germany to easily collaborate.

Play to win.

The site’s colourful illustrations and upbeat design style may seem playful, but make no mistake: for a digital platform like EventMobi, the ability to drive conversions is serious business.

We built every element with that goal in mind - and succeeded. “Conversions are up, which is always a good sign!” - Kristy Sadler, Chief Marketing Officer, EventMobi

Technology for Business Growth & Scalability

We created a custom WordPress theme that gave us a strong foundation for internationalization and the suite of marketing integrations required to satisfy EventMobi’s marketing imperatives.

Marketing Automation
Wordpress Development
Data Migration
WP Engine

“Glad we went with you guys for this project, especially considering the tight timeline — you moved mountains to get this out the door on time. Massively appreciate each of you for all your hard work on this.”

- Adam King, Eventmobi