Delivering the CFMU brand through strategy and design

We partnered with CFMU to create a platform that showcases & broadcasts their content, while giving the public new ways to listen and interact with the station.

An adaptive brand for a diverse audience

CFMU is community radio, first & foremost. The new logo references historical communication methods and familiar sound controls. The result is a dynamic brand mark that adapts to its content.

Audio that stays with you

Seamlessly toggle between on-air live streams, archived podcasts, and video content without missing a beat.

Discover & connect from anywhere

The multi-function sidebar lets you search, tweet, and explore shows without interrupting your browsing experience.


Built-in support for content creators

Profile pages can act as a DJ's main web presence. The system creates and hosts a show’s podcasts and leaves communication lines open through Twitter.

Simply put, Parallel has developed a digital media site that stands with the best in Canada.

"Throughout our 40 years as a community broadcaster in Hamilton-Wentworth, we have been committed to providing a voice for those who may not otherwise have access to the media. With the global media landscape rapidly changing and shifting towards digital content delivery, we turned to Parallel to help us expand our message, and our brand, online. With a keen understanding of our mandate, the team at Parallel helped refine our vision and strategy. Through on-going consultation, we developed a website that took streaming, podcasting and blogging to bold new heights. Alongside a branding strategy that immediately identifies us as a leader in local community broadcasting, Parallel took a multi-disciplinary team approach to tackling all of our technical and creative challenges. Simply put, Parallel has developed a digital media site that stands with the best in Canada."

Sandeep Bhandari

CFMU Administrative Director